I love hand/foot print art projects!

What a great way to remember the size of a little one’s hand & foot…especially during the holidays. It is truly a precious thing.
Making Reindeer out of hand & foot prints is very simple. It does require adult help, but that just makes this project more special! There are 2 ways of doing this project….with paint or with construction paper. I prefer the construction paper way, as paint tends to crack after a few years & ruins the keepsake.
Santa’s Little Reindeer
What you need :
Red, Black & Brown Construction Paper
wiggle eyes or white paper to make eyes
Trace one foot with black.
Trace both hands with brown.
Trace a small circle in red
Cut out all pieces. Assembly is the foot down, toes up(this is the reindeer’s head). Glue the hands(thumbs out) to the top of the foot fore the antlers. Glue the red circle to the heel of the foot for the nose. Use white paper or wiggle eyes for eyes.

To use paint:
you will need:
Red, black & brown paint
wiggle eyes or white paper for eyes
sheet of white paper to place prints on


Have a sheet of white paper ready. Using a sponge, paint the bottom of one foot. Place the foot on the paper, pressing in the arch section to make sure that the whole foot is imprinted on the paper. Remove foot from paper & clean off paint.
For the hands(antlers), start with the left hand. Paint the hand with black paint & place it thumbs out on the top of the footprint. Clean the hand off & repeat with the opposite hand.


Using a thumb, paint it red & place it on the heel of the foot for the reindeer’s nose.


Glue eyes on after the paint has dried a few minutes.

Santa will enjoy his little “helper” reindeer!