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Welcome to the first edition of “Repurpose It!”

For my birthday, my wonderful husband replenished my Sharpie addiction with the big 24 pen bonus pack. If you can imagine, I have tons of crafting things.  So, where to keep 24 Sharpies (all colors of the rainbow, btw) was a predicament.  A trip to the recycle closet was in order.  And inspiration hit.  15 oz vegetable/fruit cans would look lovely on my shelf with some pretty paper wrapped around them.  Cans are so useful for holding things of that nature!


What you need:

2 15 oz veggie cans – cleaned well.(note – its not too important to get all of the paper off the can. The little bit that is stuck to the glue will be covered up with the scrapbook paper)

1 12×12 sheet of scrapbook paper

mod podge or decoupage medium of your choice

foam brush

embellishments (optional)


What to do :

I have a pre-cut template of 4″x10″  for my scrapbook paper. That should fit a standard can. Since every can could be different, test your template before you cut your paper.

  1. Cut your paper to fit the cans.
  2. Using a moderate amount of medium, cover part of the can, paying close attention to the ridges.
  3. Start wrapping the paper around the can.
  4. Smooth the paper around the can, pushing out any bubbles.
  5. Repeat these steps until the can is covered.
  6. Let the can dry for 15-20 minutes.
  7. Once dry, apply a thin amount of medium over the top of the paper.
  8. Allow to dry before applying another coat.


I usually apply 2 coats of medium over the top of the paper.  If you are wanting to add embellishments, apply accordingly. On these cans, I used sparkle paint, and this should be applied after step 6. To add ribbon or gems, add once the entire can is completely done.

These can be very unique, decorative items in your every day life & look at how green you can be, too! Get creative – there are many different can sizes out there!

Do you have decorated cans in your home/office? What do you use them for?



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