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Happy Monday!

If I have learned anything over the years, music makes the day so much sweeter! I love having music in the background when I do anything. Well, the same theory goes for toddlers & preschoolers as well.

While there are so many different types of music one can listen to, the best kind of music is the song that you can sing along to! Kids love to sing. And you don’t have to be a singing superstar, either. Kids do not mind!

Props are great to go along with the songs, too! It helps teach the children to retell the song/fingerplay/story. My favorite Christmas song with a prop is “There’s a Little Elf”

There’s A Little Elf
Original Author Unknown
Sung to: “If You’re Happy & You Know It”

There’s a little elf that’s sitting on my nose,
There’s a little elf that’s sitting on my nose.
He is sitting on my nose,
Then off away he goes.
Now there’s no little elf on my nose.

There’s a little elf that’s sitting on my knee,
There’s a little elf that’s sitting on my knee.
He is sitting on my knee,
Just watch and he will flee.
Now there’s no little elf on my knee.

There’s a little elf that’s sitting on my head,
There’s a little elf that’s sitting on my head.
He is sitting on my head,
Then away he goes to bed.
Now there’s no little elf on my head.


The prop is a little elf made from simple art supplies :pipe cleaners, green, white & red beads & a small styrofoam ball. sequins & small straight pins or hot glue are also needed.

How to make Elf prop:
You will need:

pipe cleaners
Green, Red & White beads (approx. 38)
small styrofoam ball

What to do:
Use the pipe cleaners to make a body for the elf. Use a stick-figure as a model. Twist the pipe cleaners together so it makes a torso, arms & legs.

String 2 beads on the pipe cleaners for the torso. Stick the Styrofoam ball to the top of the pipe cleaner body. You can use whatever bead pattern you like. I used approx 6 beads for each arm & 12 beads for each leg. When done, twist up the end of the pipe cleaner to “hook” the beads in place.

Using sequins, create the eyes, nose & mouth. (I used very small straight pins to secure the sequins in place). This is definately a prop that requires supervision if you use straight pins. Hot glue is another method.

When you are done, use this elf with the song. He can sit on your nose, knee & head. When it comes time to put him in bed, be sure to whisper that part quietly & pretend to rock the elf to sleep.

Have fun!

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