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I am a mom, a wife, a friend. I home school. I organize, plan & create. I attend many tea parties with puppies & elephants. Imagination has no bounds in our home. I am a Disney fanatic (Neurotic Disney Mom #130) and I also run a Disney lifestyle site, The Disney Driven Life. I am the Kraftee Mom. My goal? To help, encourage & show others that they can live in a "kraftee" world, too.

With the holidays around the corner, there is so much fun to be had with arts & crafts & traditions! One easy craft to do (usually around December 1st) is the 25 Days of Christmas Countdown. This is an easy project, but does require adult help if using a stapler.
25 Days of Christmas
You will need:
-25 Strips of construction paper in green & red.
-A cut-out of a bell (usually in Yellow)
-A stapler or paste
-25 Days of Christmas Poem
The size of your paper strips will depend on the size of your paper chain. I tend to use small strips so the chain is not too big. Usually 4″x1″.
Place the strips of construction paper on a table & have the child sit with you. Using a stapler to fasten the strips (it seems to hold better than paste), have the child hand you alternating colors of paper strips while you make the chain. This is a great counting activity as well.
Once you have made a strip of 25 links, attach the bell to the top link. I printed out the poem & stapled it to the back of the bell so it is handy every night.
Every night before bed, I have Princess Peanut rip a link off & I read the poem to her. The we stand by the Christmas tree for a picture, as the chain will get smaller & smaller each night.

This project can be done at any time during the Christmas season. Of course, if you do this project after December 1st, just adjust the amount of paper links so when your child reaches the bell, it is Christmas Eve!

The 25 Days of Christmas Poem


December 1st til Christmas is the longest time of year.
Seems as though old Santa never will appear.
How many days til Christmas?
Its so mighty hard to count!
So this little chain of ringers will tell you the amount.
Clip off a ringer every night when the Sandman casts his spell
and Christmas Eve will be here by the time you ring the bell!

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